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 Trevor & Andrew Woodburn's Wild Woodburn Photography in South Africa

Wild Woodburn has been created to showcase Andrew Woodburn and Trevor Woodburn's photographic offerings ranging from classic wildlife, fashion photography, underwater photographic disciplines to extreme action photos and scenic panoramic landscapes.

Both father and son have been dabbling in photography to varying degrees over many years and also lead careers in business. Some of the reasons to form Wild Woodburn have been to create an outlet to display the immense breadth of photography covered by the Woodburn family as well as promoting their country, South Africa. All images are available for purchase.

The basis for imagery produced by the Woodburn's, results from outdoor natural light photography using strobe light only when needed due to poor lighting conditions after dark or underwater.

Andrew Woodburn shoots both 35mm film and digital mediums using Nikon F100 and Nikon D70 & Nikon D200 & D300 cameras while Trevor has been using a suite of Nikon F5 bodies augmented by Nikon D2Xs & D3 camera bodies. The lens selections range from Nikon ultra wide angle fisheye to super telephoto lenses and certain sigma lenses. Specialised Sea&Sea housings and strobes provide underwater photographic capacity while Metz flash units and Manfroto clamps and fluid heads enable increased stability on safari vehicles. Both photographers have developed and built equipment to suit their specific requirements over years of attempting to create certain images.

The Woodburn's both aspire to achieving excellence in their respective disciplines and see international competitions as a key arena to display their technical and creative skills. One of Trevor's life's ambitions is to win a category in the BBC wildlife photographer of the year which continues to inspire him to hunt out and shoot unique animals and behaviour in Africa's bush with increasing regularity.

Living in such a dynamic and inspiring country such as South Africa with 11 official languages, diverse cultures, mountains, oceans, deserts and a host of other unique occurrences such as the Sardine Run, White Sharks, Kruger Park etc, provides an endless source of subject matter and travel opportunities. The Woodburns travel regularly within South Africa and globally to capture distinct natural occurrences and phenomena.

Either member of the Wild Woodburn team is available for assignment.

Taking the photographs is not the only part of the process. The support of Avril Woodburn and Clara Woodburn is vital to being able to get to where these subjects live and with the increasing digital age the time spent post processing imagery takes it toll on the photographers availability.


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