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 “All the People of the World” by Donald Woodburn

All The People of the World is an explosively colourful high quality celebration of contemporary urban South Africa. It is both a children’s book to share with your family and a coffee table book to show off to your foreign guests. This is a book that appeals to the young toddler, the early reader, parents and all those who love our country.

The illustrations are beautifully detailed. They are bright and intelligent and are entertaining to both child and adult. At first glance you will love their boldness, and then with each subsequent look you will go on to discover a wonderful world of subtle little details and clever humour.

And if you like to stimulate your kids and engage with them, then All The People Of The World is a great tool for generating discussion around the issues of cultural diversity and tolerance. And it is also useful as an aid for teaching colours, shapes, design, phonics and rhyme. 

So whether you are local or foreign, old or young, black or white, All The People Of The World is a wonderful festival of South African colour that you do not want to miss out on.

All the People of the World:

Is my vision for South Africa
Is a celebration of what I see around me, minus all the negativity.
Is a fantasy inspired by who we are and what we can be
Is about free, happy, successful people living the urban South African dream without fear of judgment or rejection
Is about positive role models for young urban kids with urban aspirations
Is about tolerance and multiculturalism
Rejects xenophobia
Is colourful
Is exciting
Is beautifully illustrated and written in rhyming verse


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