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 Incredible photos of REDBULL Base Jump

The Red Bull base jump by the Austrian, Felix Baumgartner was the first time that the Brixton Tower in Johannesburg had ever been BASEed. Felix is a professional base jumper who is sponsored by Red Bull and has the record for free falling off many structures round the planet such as the Corcovada in Rio, Brazil to the Petronas Towers in KL. He was also the first person to freefall across the English channel with a special wing strapped to his back. This jump was organised by Carte blanche on MNET as a feature for their TV programme and I was lucky enough to have the rigging experience to set up a station hanging off the side of the tower at his exit point. We attempted the jump over a period of 5 days every early morning and evening when the winds would be most favorable. The views from the sentech tower of sunrise over Johannesburg are incredible if a little cold. These incredible photos show the perspective of standing on the edge about to go ( notice how small the cars are below), the no turning back position once he has launched himself and then the fall ( see if you can spot him against the houses below as he falls before deploying his parachute).


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