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 Extreme Kite Surfing photography

South Africa presents some of the most awesome kite surfing opportunities as the surf is always pumping and the wind often matches it.

Kite surfing imagery is a unique challenge as the kite is generally far from the surfer and therefore lends itsself more to focussing on the rider. Unfortunatly this then excludes the perspective which allows the viewer to actually understand how high and fast these extreme sports people actually travel.

Kite surfing is such a brilliant way of harnessing the wind for fun, speed and allows you to travel to remote and beautiful places. Watching the Kite surfers trick is spectacular but might leave you with confused eyeballs and crick in the neck as there is so much fast action with kitesurfers. for great kitesurfing viewing it helps to have a pair of binoculars and a wind breaker. For kite surfing photography bring out the big guns. long lenses with high shutter speeds are the order of the day and prtection from wind, water and beach sand the issues at hand. Tripods can help but often prevent you from tilting high to get vertcal or high angle shots. in addition you cant walk into the waves with a tripod.


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