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 Bali INDONESIA SCUBA Diving and Underwater Photographic Tour 17-30 August 2008

Andrew Woodburn , the Divestyle Magazine and Africa Geographic Photographer and keen ocean conservationist will be leading a scuba diving tour to the awesome Indonesian island BALI.

Following the succesful tour to Egypt in 2007 there has been continuing requests for another one off unique tour with special agendas and great additional diving. After searching the oceans around the world for something that stands out as a once in a lifetime sighting we settled on the SUNFISH or MOLA MOLA. These unique fish whose faces often present human looking features and  a spectacular big animal interaction have always been a fascination to me and even though I have seen two live mola mola in both the Montery Bay aquarium and Capetown aquarium and a number from yachts while sailing in Table bay off the Cape , I have never swum underwater with one or photographed them. In addition this trip presents a world class mix of blue water diving,  big animal interactions such as the Sunfish and gigantic schools of Jacks  with prize winning macro photography muck diving in Secret bay and Tulamben. Added to great diving the tour also presents the much written about USS Liberty Wreck and land based cultural sightseeing.

The fundamental goals of the trip will be to:

Enjoy diving off Bali with good visibility
Find and observe SUNFISH or MOLA MOLA
Dive with broad range of macro subjects in muck diving conditions
Take awesome underwater imagery
Enjoy INDONESIAN culture, food and sights on the island of BALI

The benefits of heading to this environment is that this is the best time of year to see SUN FISH while having a broad spectrum of other diving to provide a vast range of photographic opportunities  READ this report

For Tim Rocks photos of Bali diving click here

Click for the summary of the Bali Dive and Underwater Photographic tour .

Bali is often overlooked by divers heading to the outer reaches of Indonesia, and many divers are unaware of the phenomenal variety of diving available on this beautiful island.  The major religion in Bali is a unique form of Hinduism, and the variety of cultural activities, as well as the beautiful scenery of the island itself means that top side time is almost as enjoyable as down time.  We have one of the world’s best wreck dives at Tulamben, spectacular wall diving at Menjangan Island in the West Bali National Park, safe diving for beginners, as well as adrenaline filled drift dives for the more adventurous, and rewarding muck dives for photographers and critter-lovers!

The Indo-Pacific boasts the world’s greatest variety of marine life – and nearly every creature that can be spotted in the rest of the Indonesian archipelago can also be found around our coasts.  From pygmy seahorses to Manta Rays, from Mimic Octopus and Wonderpus to the amazing Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish), Bali has it all – as well as turtles, barracuda, and pretty much every reef fish you can find in an Indo-Pacific Marine ID book.  There are also constant discovery of new species – this year a new type of Wobbegong shark!



Andrew has created the trip to break the mold of regular dive trips that send
multiple groups to the same destination every year from SOUTH AFRICA.

Click on the following to see the information below:

The Itinerary

Essential Information

The Price

Please email for more information and details
call 27-82-840-4349

Bali Island: 11 NIGHT accomodation- Triple Bali destination dive tour

Sunday, 17 th August 2008 :

Check-in at OR Tambo International Airport at 10h30 for your Singapore Airlines flight SQ479 departing for Singapore at 13h15.

Monday, 18 th August 2008 :

Arrival in Singapore at 05h40.  Transfer to Singapore Airlines flight SQ942 to Denpasar, Bali departing at 09h35.  Arrival in Denpasar at 12h05.  Met & transferred to the Mimpi Resort Tulamben to check-in for 4 nights’ accommodation on a bed & breakfast basis including 3 dinners and 6 dives. Extra dives are available at normal rates if desired.

 Located on the idyllic northeastern coast of Bali at the foot of Mt Agung lies Bali's premier dive resort, the superb Mimpi Resort Tulamben with 13 Patio Rooms, 12 Deluxe Cottages and 4 Ocean View Cottages.   Designed in traditional Balinese style, all rooms are air conditioned with private outdoor showers and mini-bars.  A beautiful open-air dining room is open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Dedicated to the serious dive enthusiast (Mimpi's outdoor showers are accessible from a separate outdoor entrance, so divers may enter directly without having to first enter their room) the Mimpi Resort Tulamben provides the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday whilst exploring some of Indonesia's most interesting underwater lands.  The wreck of the USS Liberty lies just off-shore and instruction by experienced professional PADI dive instructors is available, as is rental equipment.

All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, private shower, mini-bar fridge, safe deposit boxes.  Other facilities include a restaurant, swimming pool, drugstore, international telephone access, spa, full service PADI resort dive centre, all-day dining room open from 06h00-23h00 and 24-hour room service.


Tuesday, 19 th August 2008 :

Day at leisure on own arrangements, or choose to dive on one of the following dive sites:

The Wreck of the USS Liberty : Just 400m left of the Mimpi Resort Tulamben lies the wreck of USS Liberty .  Built 1915, it is an impressive 100m long remnant of WWII.  On 11 January 1942, about 15 km southwest of Lombok, a Japanese submarine torpedoed this armed vessel.   However, it is neither the structure nor history that attracts divers from all over the world.  The most obvious attraction of the wreck is the sheer number and variety of fish that approach up close and personal.
Sergeant-major damselfish, crescent wrasse and unicorn fish often swim right up to divers.  The bigger fishes, humphead parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse, oriental sweetlips, rabbitfishes, coral trout and groupers sometimes hover in mid-water making great subjects for fish portraits.  In the labyrinth of the near collapsed wreckage, at least 18 species of butterfly and angelfishes have been counted. Leaders in the field of fish ichthyology estimate 500 species of reef fishes just around the wreck environ.  Though only a few table-sized hard corals are found on the outer edge, the superstructure is heavily colonized with soft corals, gorgonian fans, and tall black and green coral trees, stinging hydrozoan and colorful sponges.  The gun is still intact on the stern at 28m, completely encrusted with sessile animals and sea fans. At 30m, the reef is prolific with red sea whips, huge barrel sponges, numerous species of gobies - a marine photographer's dream location.  Even snorkellers can enjoy themselves on the wreck; just a mere 30m swim from shore is the bow.

The Tulamben Wall: On the eastern end of Tulamben Bay, and just a few steps away from Mimpi Resort Tulamben Bay, beneath a temple, is a coral wall that plummets to beyond 60m.  Here is where the fantasies of many divers dwell.  The wall is completely occupied with huge barrel sponges, coral trees, oversized gorgonian fans - one prominently positioned on a ledge at 30m, over 3m in height adorned with long-nosed hawkfish and canary yellow damselfish.  Within numerous caverns and crevices e thorny oysters, tubastrea corals, crabs, and shrimps sha ring home with squirrelfishes, coral trouts, blennies and scorpionfishes.  Among fish experts, this wall is famous as it harbours difficult to find, and photograph, species - including the comet (Callophesiops altivelis), a fish with elaborate finnage and a false eyespot.  Another favorite past time here however are the dainty fairy basslets, which come in a kaleidoscope of purple, red, yellow, orange, green and blue. The weird sunfish, Mola Mola, are also known to hang out on this wall.
Night-time on the wall is like an undersea presentation of Walt Disney's Fantasia, played continuously through the night.  To enjoy the show, descend to 30m, face the wall, switch off the torch and watch.  Millions of tiny green bulbs magically appear, to perform a show of twinkling zigzagging lights.  These are the Anomalops, the fish of the night that possess a bioluminescent organ beneath each eye.  For the keen - eyed observes, new species are waiting here to be discovered.

Coral Garden : Just in front of the resort's pool, another exciting dive site waits to be explored.  Here the keen-eye might detect a large variety of nudibranchs, the rare ghost pipe fish, as well as a multitude of other critters and fishes.


Wednesday, 20 th August 2008 :

Day at leisure on own arrangements, or diving on one of the above sites.


Thursday, 21 st August 2008 :

Day at leisure on own arrangements, or diving on one of the above sites.


Friday, 22 nd August 2008 :

Check-out & transferred to the Mimpi Resort, Menjangan to check-in for 3 nights’ accommodation on a bed & breakfast basis including 3 dinner and 4 dives.  Situated on Bali's north coast, just opposite Menjangan Island, next to the Bali Barat National Park, and away from Bali's tourist centres, the Mimpi Resort Menjangan offers an unforgettable holiday experience with its diving facilities, unique Balinese villas, and abundant natural hot spring.

 All of Mimpi Resort Menjangan's 24 courtyard villas feature their own hot tub from the local thermal spring.  A large hot water pool in landscaped gardens caters to the guests of the 30 patio rooms.  Furthermore, the Mimpi Resort Menjangan offers a seaside restaurant, as well as a bar and a meeting room, making it the perfect venue for small corporate meetings and incentives.  Adventurous travellers can participate in a wide array of sports activities.  In addition to diving, the Mimpi Resort Menjangan is the ideal setting for canoeing and fishing.  For those who prefer to stay on land you can explore the flora and fauna of Bali Barat National Park or visit the famous Balinese temple, Pura Pulaki.  Also nearby is the original capital of Bali, Singaraja, with its diverse mix of Islamic, Arabic, Chinese and Balinese cultures.

A half-floating restaurant is beautifully set up right at the water edge of the bay.  View overlook a calm lagoon-like bay surrounded by lush mangrove vegetation and untouched forest.  The string of East Java mountains with the peak, Mount Ljen, can be easily viewed from its wooden deck..  The spa offers six treatments carefully selected to rejuvenate body and soul after an active day.  Some of the treatments are well practiced using the resort's natural thermal hot spring water which has been evidenced to render good effects on health.  A fully-maintained PADI dive centre is available on site to cater both beginner and experienced divers.  Safety and easy diving begins with well-trained and attentive staffs and professionals as well as well-maintained equipments and standards. Daily boat dive arrangement are made to the famous Menjangan Island.  Rest of day at leisure on own arrangements.  Begin diving the following day at dive sites which include:

Temple Point: A sandy site in the eastern tip of the island, and a good point to see crocodile fish and nudibranchs.

POS II: A rich reef-wall site up to 50 meters deep with huge gorgonian fans, surgeonfish, jackfish, batfish, angelfish, coral cod, nudibranchs, shrimps, trevally, lionfish, parrotfish, scorpionfish and shark.

Cave Point: Several underwater caves with interesting rock structures.

POS I : A sandy slope site ranging from 2-30ms with lots of soft corals and gorgonians, lionfish, shrimp gobies, sea stars, mantis shrimp, small coral cod and royal dottybacks.  Some divers have even witnessed whale shark here.

Eel Garden:   A shallow sandy bottom area alive with garden eels with terrific hard corals with large gorgonian fans, huge barrel sponges, coral cod, angelfish, lionfish, scorpionfish, basslets, anemone fish, cuttlefish, trumpet fish, frogfish, mandarin fish, napoleon fish and schools of pelagics.

The Wreck of the Anker :  Believed to have lain here for over century, this wreck is 25ms long and sits at a depth of 45m.  Flat rectangular sheets lie in what had been the hold which also contains an assortment of ceramic and glass bottles.  The wreck is colonized by soft corals, and is a good site to see turtle and shark.

Coral Garden:   A sloping wall leading from 8-40m with lots of soft corals, gorgonia and sponges, some large snappers, a few blue-spotted trevally, schools of fusiliers and a black-tip reef shark.


Saturday, 23 rd August 2008 :

Day at leisure on own arrangements or diving on one of the above sites.


Sunday, 24 th August 2008 :

Day at leisure on own arrangements or diving on one of the above sites.


Monday, 25 th August 2008 :

Check-out & transfer to the Watergarden Hotel, Padangbai (1 hour drive).  Check-in for 4 nights’ accommodation at the Watergarden Hotel including breakfast and 8 dives.

 Discover one of Bali's best kept secrets - the unique Watergarden hotel.  Follow narrow brick paths meandering through lush tropical gardens, over small streams, past waterfalls and lily ponds, to find your private bungalow nestled amongst the verdant growth.  Enjoy peace and serenity in the sleepy seaside village of Candi Dasa.  From here one has easy access to East Bali's spectacular unspoiled beauty.  A short distance from the hotel one encounters dramatic views of Mt Agung, Bali's sacred mountain; lush green rice terraces clinging to steep and sweeping valleys; traditional villages following age-old customs; colourful rituals and ceremonies; and crystal-clear seas rich in coral and marine life. Here there is a timeless quality as ancient cultures and traditions remain unchanged - an essential element of daily life.  Voted one of the most romantic boutique hotels in Bali, The Watergarden offers cool thatched cottages blending natural materials and Balinese craftsmanship to create an ambience that is simple but elegant.  The murmur of flowing water and the splash of leaping Koi enhance the tranquility of the lily ponds and prize-winning gardens.  Discover the pre-Hindu weaving village of Tenganan and watch the textile-weavers create the magic cloth, "geringsing"; scuba-dive or snorkel in the abundant ocean - or skim across it in a glass-bottom boat, enjoying a fishing expedition! Explore the rich and diverse hinterland by bicycle, enjoy an easy trek or tackle the summit of the sacred mountain Agung.  Whether you come to be married in the cool tropical gardens; to spend your honeymoon in our unique and romantic environment, or just to experience total relaxation and to be pampered, our staff's natural warmth and friendliness will make it hard to leave.

Only eleven cool, marble-floored, thatched-roofed cottages nestle amongst the luxuriant gardens. Each bungalow features a large wooden terrace built out over the water.  There one can relax and enjoy the surroundings from an easy chair or whilst dining.  Room facilities include ensuite bathroom with hot and cold shower, king-size or twin beds, IDD phone, mini bar, personal safe, hairdryer, ceiling fan and air-conditioning.

Depart for 1-day (2 dives) dive safari to Nusa Penida including tanks, weights & dive guide.


Tuesday, 26 th August 2008 :

Depart for 1-day (2 dives) dive safari to Nusa Penida including tanks, weights & dive guide.


Wednesday, 27 th August 2008 :

 Depart for 1-day (2 dives) dive safari to Nusa Penida including tanks, weights & dive guide.


Thursday, 28 th August 2008 :

Depart for 1-day (2 dives) dive safari to Nusa Penida including tanks, weights & dive guide.


Friday, 29 th August 2008 :

Check-out at 12h00 & transfer to Denpasar airport for Singapore Airlines flight SQ947 to Singapore departing at 20h05.  Arrival in Singapore at 22h35.  Transfer to check-in for Singapore Airlines flight SQ478 to Johannesburg.

Saturday, 30 th August 2008:

Flight departs Singapore at 02h20.




Clothing: Cool cotton clothing is advised for the summer months during the day, although light sweaters may be required for early morning and evening. Heavier clothing is required in winter. Health Precautions: You should take along medication for stomach problems, an eye-wash and most importantly, a good sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Only drink canned or bottled soft-drinks and mineral water from sealed bottles. Check that ice has been made with bottled water.

Travel, baggage & diving insurance: Travel insurance is essential. When confirming your booking with us, please enquire about our special comprehensive group rates for a minimum number of 10 pax departing on the same day, as well as competitive individually quoted travel insurance package rates which include cover for scuba-diving related accidents.

Baggage allowance: Passengers traveling on this specific route have a maximum baggage allowance of 20kg per person – with an additional 6kg hand-luggage allowance. It is recommended that items such as dive computers and regulators be carried onboard the aircraft as hand luggage. Please ensure that torches are packed in carry-on luggage and that all batteries have been removed.


  • Return flights on Singapore Airlines from Johannesburg/Singapore/Denpasar excluding airport taxes
  • 4 nights’ accommodation in a Patio Room at the Mimpi Resort Tulamben on a bed & breakfast basis and including 3 dinners
  • 2 dive safari to the wreck of the USS Liberty including tanks, weights & dive guide
  • 2 dive safari to the Mimpi or Kubu drop-off including tanks, weights & dive guide
  • 2 dive safari to Amed including tanks, weights & dive guide & packed lunch
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a Patio Room at the Mimpi Resort Menjangan on a bed & breakfast basis and including 3 dinner
  • 2 day (4 dive) safari on Menjangan Island including tanks, weights, dive guide & lunch
  • 4 nights’ accommodation in deluxe bungalows at the Watergarden Hotel on a bed & breakfast basis
  • 8 dive safari to Nusa Penida including tanks, weights & dive guide

Airport meet & assist & all transfers to fit the programme.


  • Airport taxes:  Currently R2 410,00 subject to change prior to the issuing of airline tickets
  • Lunches, dinners & drinks not specified
  • Equipment rental excluding tanks/weights
  • Cost of processing visas for Indonesia:  R500,00 per person – we require passports valid for 6 months from date of travel, 2 passport photos, letter from bank stating sufficient funds to travel to Indonesia (no amount needs to be specified)
  • Travel insurance Extra dives and Nitrox
  • All alcoholic beverages
  • Items of a personal nature (telephone calls, laundry, etc.)
  • Service charge: tipping is discretionary

What you need to do right NOW

Contact Clara on 27-82-840-4349 or and reserve the number of spaces you need.

Pay a non refundable deposit of 30% = R7185.00 per person  to secure your places

Complete payment of the residual amount will be due on 17th July 2008.


All confirmed bookings are subject to the full terms & conditions of Wild & Blu Travel;

All rates quoted are subject to change without notice due to unscheduled airline/airport tax increases, operator price increases & currency fluctuations;

The above tour price is subject to a minimum of 16 passengers departing.


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