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 SCUBA Diving underwater photography

copyright Andrew Woodburn, scuba diving amoungst fish
copyright Andrew Woodburn, scuba dive group doing deco stop in tropical clear water
copyright Andrew Woodburn, cave diving technical style in lake malawi

Scuba diving was the beginning for me and so including divers in my photography allows me to take this world to all those who can't or haven't yet dived. I believe that underwater photography is the ideal photo medium to educate people about what is under the ocean, this in turn will motivate protectors of the environment to stand up and be counted when it comes to protecting the environment . In addition SCUBA diving is fun and adventurous as well as providing peace in today's cellular phone and email inundated world.

For any underwater photos of scuba diving, divers, or a dive for use in publications or advertising , contact Andrew from Woodburn Photo

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