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 Macro and Abstract Underwater Photography
copyright Andrew Woodburn, moray eel eye
copyright Andrew Woodburn polka dot rockcod patterning
copyright Andrew Woodburn Compressed Chaos, crinoid with curled arms underwater

This is the most accessible underwater photography for most beginners but getting it right is a whole other story. The tricks and local knowledge needed to understand the beasts and their habitats is essential and is mostly packaged into a local dive master who is on site every day through all seasons and who may be a photographer or naturalist themselves. Your guide needs an intimate knowledge of the ocean and will be easily identifiable by their keen interest in the creatures they spot as opposed to a generic dive leader who pays more attention to being the leader and those following him/ her. The next skill needed is economical air consumption and the correct qualifications which mean you don't need to go along with the group as macro takes time, a lot of time. I have spent whole dives photographing one subject and then gone back on the next dive to do exactly the same but from different angles with different camera setups.


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